Laurence Paul is a privately held business established as a full-service investment management, investment banking, principal investments and securities trading firm. Our firm is focused on providing unbiased advisory and investment services to entities and individuals involved in investing in and developing Africa’s productive infrastructure

At Laurence Paul, we leverage the unique strengths of our people to provide our individual and institutional clients with a full range of financial services and product expertise across our business areas. We have an in-depth working knowledge of the business and regulatory environment and we work with financial institutions, major corporations, domestic and international investors, regulators and governments to encourage private sector led development initiatives.

Laurence Paul is well positioned to satisfy the growing need for a locally based Asset Management and Securities Trading firm that is capable of serving the demands of local and international investor clients.

​The continued growth in Zambia’s economy has been impressive following the successful privatisation of state-owned enterprises, rejuvenation of the mining, agriculture, tourism and construction sectors. Our country’s Capital Markets have matched this growth and are now an integral part of the economy offering real and substantial returns for investors while giving both multinational and local companies access to capital. Several IPOs, Rights Issues and Corporate Bonds have been successfully carried out and have contributed to the Lusaka Securities Exchange being one of the best performing emerging markets in Africa in recent years.

To become the market leader in the Zambian financial services industry and to contribute to the building and management of wealth by using the best tools and expertise to deliver superior service and returns.

Proven experience of over 10 years in fund management, over multiple market cycles, across asset classes and styles 

Professional investment relationships with leading Zambian business.

Wide network of branches, serving investors all around the country

Committed to being innovative and ethical while sharing information, creating awareness and simplifying investment decisions for investors