Driven by a passion to partner with our clients in achieving their financial goals, Laurence Paul’s relationship-driven approach provides employers with industry-leading retirement fund solutions, investments, group annuity benefits as well as financial education and consulting services. Our clients range from small businesses to large corporates in both the private and public sector and intermediaries.

We provide a vast range of proven, world-class offerings for both pre- and post-retirement. Enjoy the comfort of sound retirement fund solution; effective administration and fund operations; leading investment portfolios; preservation of retirement savings; a financial Wellbeing program and consulting services.

Laurence Paul is a privately held business established as a full service investment management and investment banking firm. It offers Investment services to entities and individuals involved in investing in and developing Africa's productive infrastructure.

At Laurence Paul, we leverage the unique strengths of our people to provide our individual and institutional clients expertise across our business areas.

Laurence Paul Company Profile

Proven experience of over 10 years in fund management, over multiple market cycles, across asset classes and styles 

Professional investment relationships with leading Zambian business.

Wide network of branches, serving investors all around the country

Committed to being innovative and ethical while sharing information, creating awareness and simplifying investment decisions for investors