Asset Management

Laurence Paul Offers investors expertly managed funds to suit a variety of investment and savings needs. These funds can be accessed online or directly at our offices.

Value Added Benefits

Tax-Free Investment

  • This tax free investment allows you to invest a minimum of K20,000 each year to an unlimited amount in your lifetime, while enjoying the all-round benefits of your standard investment portfolio

Growth and Protection

            As a trusted fund manager to hundreds of Zambians, Laurence Paul embraces its responsibility to both grow and protect the money entrusted to us by our clients. The benefits of our fund management include:

  • Access to world class investments: Laurence Paul offers diversified portfolios of local and global assets, including significant exposure to private market assets such as private equity and infrastructure investments.

Smoothing: smoothing turns unstable market returns into smoothed returns, protecting investors from the risk of volatile markets

 Portfolio Management Services

Looking for a lump sum, capital guaranteed investment option? Offering guaranteed interest rates for the term of your investment, the Laurence Paul Term Placement may be the ideal short or medium term investment option for you.

Features and benefits

  • A minimum investment amount of K20,000
  • You can choose an investment period from 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year.
  • You can earn a competitive, market related, fixed interest rate
  • Interest may be payed upfront, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or on maturity
  • Your capital and your interest rate are guaranteed – you will always get out more than what you put in
  • No monthly fee

Proven experience of over 10 years in fund management, over multiple market cycles, across asset classes and styles 

Professional investment relationships with leading Zambian business.

Wide network of branches, serving investors all around the country

Committed to being innovative and ethical while sharing information, creating awareness and simplifying investment decisions for investors