Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Employers of choice recognize that people should be at the center of their business. In this way they not only enrich and improve the lives of their staff – they ensure the ongoing success of their business. Old Mutual has innovative products and services to assist small businesses and large corporates in offering the best possible employee benefit solutions to their staff.

Gratuity Fund

For businesses with employees with fixed term contracts, we have a contract gratuity solution to suit every need of your employees.

Designed by one of Zambia’s most respected, highly regarded financial services providers, Laurence Paul’s Gratuity Fund has been created specifically to meet the diverse employee benefit needs of all types of employers and employees – in one holistic solution. At the same time, it offers the one thing that every employer and employee wants when designing the financial future, they desire – more choice to meet their needs!

Laurence Paul Gratuity Fund

A conveniently pre-packaged solution suitable for any type of business that have employees on fixed-term contracts. This comprehensive solution is cost effective and offers employees a range of end of term benefits – all pre-selected by qualified and experienced Trustees.

Who Is It For?

  • Small to medium companies with 5 or more non-permanent employees
  • Larger corporations with 5 or more non-permanent employees
  • Employers seeking an easy to manage, pre-packaged end of term benefits solution
  • Companies wanting to offer comprehensive entry level employee benefits without needing to be too involved in the management thereof

What Does It Offer?

  • A convenient and cost-effective high-growth default investment fund with smoothed returns.
  • Customizable gratuity fund contribution levels for the employer
  • Provides capital preservation.

Value added benefits and services

  • Gratuity Fund Preserver

A retirement saving preservation option that allows members to stay invested with Laurence Paul, even if they leave their employer

  • Member Support Services

Gives employees access to qualified and professional financial advisers when they need advice or guidance in making decisions at important stages of life

  • Laurence Paul Financial Wellbeing Program
  • Financial education workshops free to Laurence Paul Clients and their employees.

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