Investment Basics

A great way to increase your wealth is by investing your money. When you put your money in the right areas, you give it the power to grow and multiply. But on this journey towards wealth and financial freedom, you need to equip yourself with the fundamentals. Let us take you through the basics of investments so as to get you going.

1. How is investing different from savings?
  • Saving is putting aside a part of your earnings for future use. It is usually done by keeping your money in extremely safe and liquid avenues like a bank savings accounts, FDs, PPFs, etc.
  • This way, your money is safe and even fetches a nominal interest rate. However, the inflation rate keeps eating into your purchasing power over a period of time.
  • To stay ahead of the inflation, you need options that provide interest rates higher than inflation . This is where investments come into the picture. Investments could be in anything ranging from a small business to rare antiques to gold coins, stocks, bonds, Unit Trusts, real estates, etc. It is the process of putting your money in assets which will generate relatively higher returns over time, making you wealthier with each passing year.
2. Why is investing a smart idea?
3. How can I manage my finances?
4. What are the different investment options?
5. What are money markets and money market instruments?
6. How do I invest with a limited amount?
7. What are debt markets and debt market instruments?
8. What is the difference between bonds and debentures?
9. What affects the bond price?
10. What affects the interest rates?
11. What is yield curve?
12. What is yield to maturity?
13. What is average maturity period?
14. What is a Credit Rating?
15. What is the power of compounding?
16. What are equity assets?
17. How does an investor in equities make money?

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