Unit Trust Basics

Unit Trusts are one of the best avenues for your money to flourish. Depending on your risk appetite, it gives you the option to choose stability, aggressive growth or both. Let’s explore the world of Unit Trusts and learn how you can make the most of it.

1. What is a unit trust?

Quite simply, a Unit Trust is a mediator that brings together a group of people and invests their money in stocks, bonds and other securities.

Each investor owns shares, which represent a portion of the holdings of the fund. Thus, a Unit Trust is one of the most viable investment options for the common man as it offers an opportunity to invest in a diversified, professionally managed basket of securities at a relatively low cost.

2. What are the benefits of investing in a Unit Trust?
3. What is an asset management company?
4. How are mutual finds classified?
5. What are the different types of Unit Trusts?
6. What does a Unit Trust do with my money?
7. How are they different from portfolio management schemes?
8. How are they different from a bank deposit?
9. Does investing in Unit Trusts mean investing in equities?
10. How are Unit Trusts regulated?
11. Why are Unit Trusts a safe investment option?
12. Why is diversification of funds important?
13. What is a portfolio?
14. What is a net asset value (NAV)?
16. What is a purchase fee?
17. What is a redemption fee?
18. What is the role of a fund manager?
20. What is a switching facility?
21. What is an account statement?
22. What is a systematic investment plan?
23. Why is SIP a great investment option?
28. What are the types of returns one can expect?
29. Can the NAV of a debt fund fall?
30. How do I track the performance of the FUND?
32. Does higher return necessarily mean a better fund?
33. What should one keep in mind when choosing a Unit Trust?
34. How important are fund costs while choosing a scheme?
36. Ideally how many different schemes should one invest in?

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